Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The beginning.

It all started with Myspace.

Until then, I hadn't been very interested in computers. Then one day, I saw some "custom" accounts, and I researched how to do it by hand myself. Several markup and scripting languages later, I discovered the wonder that is building a computer by hand. I had always known it could be done, but until this point in my life, it hadn't interested me. But now I knew how to do it, so I had to do it. Just one problem.


I don't have enough in my meager piggy bank to buy all this stuff at once! That is extremely frustrating. More so since what I'm currently working with isn't that great. Here was my initial setup:

Gateway GT5408
-1GB DDR2 RAM@500MHz
-320GB HDD (don't know the spindle speed for sure, but I'm betting it's 5400)
-Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz proc
-Integrated video/sound
-15" LCD monitor
-PSU unknown wattage
-Generic DVD burner
-Generic mobo.
-Media card reader.
-Windows 7RC

This inspired me. I've read about upgrade creeps (upgrading your PC piece by piece) before in PC magazines, and I had a thought, "I can do that with my current PC!" This would allow me to have a fully functional PC between upgrades (I hope), and only get what I can afford. Perfect.

Then I had another shock of brilliance. I would post the entire process in a blog, along with other PC related posts. This might potentially help other people in the future, and it might attract some helpful people that want to give me some tips. So here it is.

I've already done one upgrade, which I'll post about soon, and hopefully there will be more to come. In the mean time between them, I'll hope to keep you entertained with my blathering about other computer related items. That's all I have for now, though. Keep watching, and I'll post again soon.

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